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How do you do it? Don't cause acne again.

How do you do it? Don’t cause acne again.

The cause of acne There is a direct relationship with hormones in the body. Including genetics Which is another reason that stimulates acne. That varies according to each person. In addition, certain medicines, smoking, stress, and improper skin care habits They are all things that

Is it true that eating after 6 p.m. makes you fat?

Is it true that eating after 6 p.m. makes you fat?

The belief that eating after 6 p.m. makes you fat It is a belief that has been popular for a long time. Many people believe that eating dinner before bed causes the body to burn fewer calories. This causes excess energy to accumulate and become fat. Can cause weight

Is "cold pressed" water really beneficial?

Is “cold pressed” water really beneficial?

New health trends keep coming. Until we started to lose track of it. But it is known as a good and useful thing. We wanted to try some to make ourselves feel like we were taking care of our health to the utmost. As for the trend of “cold-pressed” water, I