5 ways to spot spoiled food even if it’s in the refrigerator

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I believe you must have known. Or have at least one friend who has this kind of behavior, that is, someone who likes to keep food in the refrigerator for so long that they don’t think they can still eat it, but that person can still take it out and eat it with a straight face. Along with saying “It’s not broken yet. It’s still edible,” even though the food was stored several weeks ago, or accidentally it might have been months.

Food stored in the refrigerator It doesn’t always mean that it won’t spoil or rot. Many people face problems. Can’t tell if this one is spoiled or not, rotten or not. Can it still be eaten?  Health has a simple secret. Come help notice those foods.

5 ways to spot spoiled food even if it's in the refrigerator

1.The smell has changed.

Easy way to observe that many people often use This is by smelling. This method is simple and gives clear results to a certain extent. Especially with food that is wet and contains water, not dry food such as milk, yogurt, various curries, the smell may change, it may be sour, rancid, simply put, the smell has changed and is not the same as before. If the smell doesn’t pass through, don’t eat it.

P.S. Chilled curry in the refrigerator. Smell it when it’s cool. It may not be very clear. Try taking it out and warming it up. Or leave it to cool and then try smelling it again. This time you will smell it more clearly.

  1. The texture changes.

From bouncy, smooth, easy-to-scoop yogurt, it has become hard and lumpy, not as smooth and fine as before. It can be assumed that it is broken. In addition to yogurt, it may also be curry. such as various coconut milk curries That may have a thick texture, stick to the spoon, have bubbles, including rice that has a crumbly texture and becomes grainy, may become soggy, sticky, not as appetizing as before, etc.

  1. Found a foreign object in the bag.

Please allow me to call together. that something foreign Because we actually mean “mold,” but the mold you see on food comes in many different types, shapes, sizes, and colors. So no matter what you see, it doesn’t matter what it looks like: fibrous, thin, lumpy, or Green, black, orange, yellow, etc. As long as it’s a foreign object that hasn’t been in the package before, it’s safe to assume it might be mold. Throw it away.

4.The taste has changed.

This time, if we don’t see any abnormalities in the food in our hands. You’ll probably have to try it. Taste a small spoonful. Don’t taste too much. If you can feel the taste change. The texture of the tongue has changed. Whether it’s sour, smelly, yucky, or slippery, if it’s not normal like before, throw it away as well.

  1. Count the approximate expiration date.

Coming to the last method for people who really don’t have senses. Indistinguishable from eyes, nose, and mouth. Think about the first day you bought it and ate it. Count the days to see how many days have passed today. Each food has a different expiration time. But if it is food that contains milk ingredients such as milk, yogurt, and coconut milk curry and food containing flour ingredients and a lot of sugar, such as steamed rice, khanom jeen, cakes, various bakeries These can’t be kept for long. If it’s been more than 7 days, we recommend throwing it away. Including wilted vegetables and fruits. Not the same It should be discarded as well.

For eggs kept in the refrigerator You may have to crack it open to look inside, smell the wedge, and observe the color and texture. Eggs are easy to spot. If the eggs are spoiled, the smell will be very strong. Definitely not durable.

Thailand is a country with hot weather all year round. Especially during the summer, they will especially cry. The common culprit in the โปรโมชั่น ufabet summer is spoiled food. Eating it will cause diarrhea and diarrhea if eaten and accumulated a lot. It may also be a cause of stomach cancer. Therefore, please be careful.