Grading Manchester United ‘s players, drawing with Galatasaray 3-3 in the UEFA Champions League last night – Player Ratings

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Bruno Fernandes and Alejandro Carnacho showed outstanding form for the team, but Manchester United unfortunately missed out on three points.

Grading Manchester United's players, drawing with Galatasaray 3-3 in the UEFA Champions League last night - Player Ratings

Manchester United player ratings

Andre Onana — 3/10

The first half helped save many important moments.

However, despite being in a period of extreme confidence, the first ball lost seemed to be a little hesitant. As for the second one, he completely missed.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka — 7/10

Got to duel with Wilfried Zaha, his former teammate again. There is even a manual for dealing with it. But it was not enough to manage Zaha under control.

In the second half, he turned the ball into the penalty area for McTominay to easily shoot in.

Harry Maguire — 7/10

Was extremely confident, calm, calm and helped block Zaha’s shot in the first half, which was very important.

In this game, he managed to clear the ball 5 times, block 2 shots and make 3 interceptions.

Victor Lindelof — 6/10

Not that outstanding in terms of defensive play.

Luke Shaw — 7/10

Helps increase balance on the left side in the offensive-defensive rhythm.

Scott McTominay — 6.5/10

Created fear for fans in the first half, but that moment was definitely not handball. Before the second half came to give the team a 3-1 lead.

Sofiyan Amrabat — 6/10

His experience helped the team in many moments and he helped the team to get the third goal. which is where he started the build-up or create a game to play

Antoni — 6.5/10

He dropped down to help with the defense. And closed down Angelino’s running channel, while in the second half he was involved in helping the team get the third seed.

Bruno Fernandes — 8/10

There is a lot of freedom and space to play in this ยูฟ่าเบท match. Because the opponent doesn’t focus much on matching him.

1 assist and 1 beautiful goal, he almost scored the victory for the team. But the ball hit the post.

Alejandro Carnacio — 8/10

Shoot two shots in a row. From starting the last two matches He is starting to gain more and more confidence after previously not being able to play as a starter. He caused embarrassment to Boey, the local right-back, on many occasions.

Rasmus Hoylund — 6/10

Helped the team get the first goal. But it seems like he’s still not fit enough for the full 90 minutes.

Backup used

Anthony Martial (in place of Hoylund) — 4/10

Lack of fierceness, no tricks

Cobbi Mainu (replacing Amrabat 58) — 6/10

Still beyond my age

Diogo Dalot (in place of Wan-Bissaka, 78th) — 5/10

Didn’t deal well with Zaha.

Facundo Peistri (replaces Garnacio, 78th) — 5/10

Had 3 chances to score, but in this game he had trouble making decisions.