Is “cold pressed” water really beneficial?

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New health trends keep coming. Until we started to lose track of it. But it is known as a good and useful thing. We wanted to try some to make ourselves feel like we were taking care of our health to the utmost. As for the trend of “cold-pressed” water, I believe that many people have probably seen it. Or have you ever bought some to eat? But you may not know how cold extraction works. And it’s more useful than fruit juice. Or what is a normal drink? Let’s try to read it.

Is "cold pressed" water really beneficial?

What is cold extraction?

Cold pressing is the separation of water from various parts of plants such as seeds, tubers, leaves, flowers, fruits, and bark by compressing them at normal temperatures. Cold-pressed plants must not have been treated with heat or chemicals before and then left to settle. Then filter to use only the pure part of the oil.

In the case of oil extraction such as coconut oil The resulting oil will be clear, clean and without any rancid smell. and maintains various vitamins Completely according to nature If it is cold extracted from fruit It will be fruit juice that has complete nutritional value as well, with the color and taste of the fruit juice still remaining the same.

Cold pressed drinks VS fruit smoothies with pulp VS fruit juice boxes

Many people may have bought fruit smoothies with pulp to eat. The appearance is similar to cold pressed fruit juice. But using a blender may cause heat to build up during blending. Therefore, it may cause the enzyme and some vitamins are destroyed

The fruit juice box It is fruit juice that has been pasteurized. This is a process that must go through heat. Therefore, it may lose some of its nutritional value, including a change in taste and color. Therefore, new flavors, flavors, and colors must be added ยูฟ่าเบท, including synthetic colors and sugar (in some brands).

Cold pressed drinks VS fresh fruit

However, although the process of making cold pressed juice It will help maintain the nutritional value, taste and smell completely. But what’s missing is “dietary fiber” which is one of the important parts of fruits and vegetables. which is the part that has a lot of vitamins It also helps the digestive system work more efficiently. Therefore, if you can choose Fresh fruit still has the most complete nutritional value.

Don’t forget to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. To get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. and get enough rest This makes our health easily strong. Without having to find new food trends to eat.