Solving the problem of children not eating vegetables with simple techniques that parents shouldn’t miss

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One of the annoying problems that parents often worry about when raising their children is their child not eating vegetables. Of course, this is a basic problem that can happen to many children. Because vegetables are considered food that doesn’t taste good. Most of them will have a bland taste. But the problem isn’t what the vegetables taste like. Because the main problem is when the child refuses to eat vegetables. It will definitely have a negative effect on your child’s physical health. Today we have a simple technique. That will help children eat vegetables easily for parents. Let’s come and see.

Solving the problem of children not eating vegetables with simple techniques that parents shouldn't miss

Technique : Grind vegetables and mix with steamed rice.

When children begin to reach the age where they can eat food. It is recommended that parents use the method of grinding vegetables finely to mix with steamed rice to be eaten by their children. Vegetables that can be pureed for children to eat are carrots, gourd, pumpkin,ทางเข้า ufabet and spinach. These types of vegetables are considered vegetables that can be purchased easily. It is also a vegetable that doctors often recommend for children to eat. Because it has many essential vitamins and nutrients. This method is considered an easy method. It also helps familiarize your child with the taste and smell of vegetables from a young age. And when he grows up, his child will be able to eat vegetables easily. without feeling the strange taste that comes from eating vegetables in any way

Technique : Boil vegetables or vegetables until they are as soft as possible.

Hard vegetables make it difficult for your child to eat them. Therefore, a technique to help your child eat vegetables is to make them soft. Whether making boiled or stir-fried dishes You should focus on making the vegetables as soft as possible. Because this method will help your child eat vegetables easily. Don’t worry about the problem of the amount of vitamins or nutrients in vegetables decreasing due to heat treatment. After all, it’s better than if your child doesn’t receive any vitamins. From not eating vegetables at all.

Technique : Cut vegetables into small pieces.

When your baby starts to have baby teeth come in. Will be able to chew food on its own. During this time, parents may stop feeding pureed foods. Then turn to your child to eat food that has been chopped into pieces instead. As for training children to eat vegetables, It is recommended to cut all vegetables into small sizes. Because it will help your child chew and swallow vegetables easily. It is considered a new step after eating pureed food. Of course, the child cannot eat large pieces of food yet.

Technique : Always invite your child to go into the kitchen to cook.

Even at this age, they are still unable to cook their own food. But allowing children to participate in the time when parents are cooking is This is another interesting technique that will help your child eat vegetables easily. Because in the atmosphere of cooking together It will get children involved and parents can invite their children to taste vegetables as well.

Training children to eat vegetables It is also considered good child rearing. Because vegetables are a source of many nutrients, eating them is guaranteed to help your child have good health as a result. Keep training him and don’t give up. One day you will get results.